Unlock the Formula with Kelli’s Webinar

To Stop Hearing “I need to think about it” and Convert More Paying Clients


Does this sound like you?

  • I hate selling and I am not good at it.
  • I feel like no one will work with me if I ask for too much money.
  • I am tired of hearing “I need to think about it”
  • I don’t always know how to explain what I do so my perspecitive clients fully understand and want to work with me.
  • I am sick of spending so much money on marketing and not have anything to show for it.

In this Webinar you will:

  • Identify a few limiting beliefs that stop you from connecting with new clients.
  • Learn why people say “I need to think about it” and how to move people to an actual decision.
  • Identify your next best steps to take to be more successful when converting leads into paying clients.

HOSTED BY: Kelli Sample

Sales and Business Strategist

Kelli Sample is a sales expert, engaging speaker and business strategist. She excels at leading entrepreneurs into more authentic communication producing higher conversion and more profits. Kelli has been a successful sales trainer in the corporate world for over 6 years helping teams accelerate their sales and blowing away goals. Kelli teaches authentic communication and natural sales conversations that not only help you connect with your client, but also to build a stronger long-term relationship. Your client will understand not only what you do, but will also be excited to work with you and be willing to pay your price.

Read what people are saying:

“Wow! Working with Kelli opened up ideas about my sales model that I had not imagined before. As a newly developing health/wellness business owner, I run into feeling overwhelmed with strategy and direction. Since my mission is so heart driven, I needed some clear steps to follow. She was clear, concise, and to the point. Which I really appreciate! Our calls were so efficient and left me feeling excited to do my business. She helped me get intentional with the value of what I am offering. If you are needing clear guidance on how to grow your business, and are feeling overwhelmed or lost in the process, I highly recommend her!”

Amanda Morris

The Family Health Coach, www.balancedbodyfromtabletomat.com

“So much has happened it’s crazy! Your view really flipped some stuff and I’ve started pricing and a brochure but got 4 job offers since the few days ago I worked with you. I was not able to view my business the way I needed to from a sales and marketing standpoint but after taking with you I was able to see the value in my work and appreciate it much more. My confusion has been cleared thanks to you and I am confident in the direction my business is going now that you’ve helped me. Thank you so much for your guidance! I can’t wait to see what growth my business steps into now.”

Amanda Marascola

Owner, Moon Magic

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