“You don’t have a business if you can’t do sales.” -Kelli Sample

Speaking and Sales Training

Public Speaking, Team Sales Training, Group Workshops & Media Enquiries

Group Training

Let me train your team! Your group will discover how to exponentially grow your business by unleashing your sales potential and create confident sales conversations that not only convert customers into paying clients but also leaves you feeling good about it.

In my action-packed sessions, your team will learn:

  • Sales is not a secret language to know. Anyone can learn sales and can do it without being weird or pushy.
  • The secret technique that can make or break your sales conversations-and it is not hard!
  • How to stop trying to think of what to say next so you can be confident and present at all times with your perspective clients.
  • And most important, how to show up as your most natural and authentic self in any sales conversation.

Everyone that is in business is in sales. Help your entire team understand the power and the value of your business so your prospective clients understand what you do and are compelled and inspired to work with you. Create the confidence in your team’s conversations so creating a sale is no longer the dreaded part of your business but is actually fun and enjoyable.

Help your team create confident conversations, so creating sales is no longer the dreaded part of their job, but is actually fun and enjoyable.

Media Interviews

Links and Interviews

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