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Imagine making sales and talking skillfully to new clients
— without feeling weird about it!

Follow me to learn sales skills and get exclusive tools for your business.

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Unleash Your Sales Potential

Stop thinking about what to say next and be present with your clients.

Are you struggling to get a “yes”?

Are you frustrated because prospective clients can’t seem to commit to working with you?
Want to know what to say when they “can’t afford” your products or services?
Do you think you would be out there more if you knew exactly what to say?
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Know What it takes to

Consistently Create Sales

Closing starts the moment you ask the first question.

Create a repeatable sales process that’s comfortable and natural to you.

Find out how you can become consistently successful at sales
— without feeling weird about it!

Pick the Skills You Need

Sales Strategy

Get the details on 1-on-1 strategy, coaching and group programs.

Learn the 5 Biggest Mistakes

Made in Business... that Cost Money! (And how to avoid them!)

My Clients Sell with Ease

Fun + Sales = Success

I just had two sales conversations that were so simple and easy and both people registered for my course!

If you get a chance to work with Kelli, you should RUN to sign up with her before she gets uber expensive, because that’s how good she is. You won’t regret it.

Elaine Williams

Speaker Coach, Captivate the Crowd

Clear Steps to Follow

Working with Kelli opened up ideas about my sales model that I had not imagined before. As a newly developing health/wellness business owner, I needed some clear steps to follow. She was clear, concise, and to the point. Which I really appreciate!
Our calls were so efficient and left me feeling excited to do my business.

Amanda Morris

The Family Health Coach, Balanced Body from Table to Mat

Meet Kelli Sample

Sales and Business Strategist, Workshop Faciliatator

Sales is a skill and can be learned. You do not have to be a natural born sales person, in fact, very few people are! Sales is just a form of a conversation that creates an outcome that involves an exchange of money. Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be easy and natural if you know a few things about sales and your customers.

I’m a Sales and Business Strategist. I’ve been working in the world of sales over 15 years and I’ve been a corporate sale trainer for 6 years.

Kelli Sample, Authentic Sales Trainer for Businesses

Don’t be Weird — Just be YOU!

Master your sales conversations and sell consistently.

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